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Adult English Course

Our Adult English Program is specially designed for adult learners, particularly for parents accompanying their children, who wish to enhance their everyday English language skills. We understand that these parents need effective English communication skills to support their child's education and to navigate various life scenarios comfortably.

Our courses start with real-life needs, emphasizing the improvement of listening and speaking skills. The content covers a wide range of everyday communication scenarios, such as parent-teacher meetings, shopping, medical appointments, banking transactions, and public transportation, ensuring learners can handle these situations with ease.

We employ interactive teaching methods, encouraging learners to actively participate in conversations and discussions, thereby improving their language skills in practice. In the classroom, activities like role-playing, simulated dialogues, and peer interaction help enhance practical language application.

Additionally, our courses include targeted pronunciation exercises and listening training to help learners understand and express themselves clearly and accurately. Our teaching team consists of experienced bilingual teachers and native English speakers.

Bilingual teachers can gradually guide adult learners from zero basics to a solid foundation in English, reducing communication barriers and ensuring efficient learning.

Native English speakers not only teach the language but also impart cultural understanding, helping learners better integrate into English-speaking environments.

We are committed to providing high-quality English training services for adult learners, ensuring each learner makes significant progress in confidence and ability. Our Adult English course aims to break down language barriers, enabling parents to support their children while living and communicating independently and confidently in an English?speaking environment. Parents are role models for their children, and learning together not only allows children to be immersed in the learning process but also fosters a self?driven, courageous character and a lifelong learning mindset in them.