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College Planning

JP Golden Pearl Education Group's college planning service adheres to the philosophy of "Plan Ahead, Achieve Early," emphasizing the importance of early planning for students' future academic and career success. We believe that the best college planning should start in middle school, with a comprehensive analysis of the student's academic performance, interests, personality traits, and career inclinations, gradually developing a personalized path for further education.

The importance of college planning lies in its ability to help students and parents set clear goals, arrange time wisely, and use resources effectively. Our college planning team consists of experienced English teachers, university application experts, and professionals from various industries. They provide students with professional guidance and support, including academic tutoring, exam strategies, application essay writing, interview skills training, and career planning.

Through the college planning services of JP Golden Pearl Education Group, students can not only enhance their competitiveness but also better understand their potential and interests, preparing thoroughly for their future academic paths and careers.